Brit Prep & After Care

מזל טוב!!

Congratulations on the birth of your new baby boy!

Organizing a Brit Mila is very exciting, but it can also be a little overwhelming! The following instructions were formulated to ease the process.

Information for the parents of the baby:

A few days before the Brit, we will make an appointment to discuss the Brit Mila occasion and to examine the baby to make sure he is ready.  We can also discuss any questions that you have.

What to bring with you on the day of the Brit Mila:

  1. A receiving blanket.
  2. 1 bottle of red Kedem sweet wine.
  3. 1 Kiddush cup.
  4. Special Brit pillow (A nice and firm sleeping pillow is fine).
  5. 2 Talitot (prayer shawls).
  6. 1 large pack of wipes.
  7. 5 Diapers.
  8. Bacitracin (not Neosporin). (Needed at home).
  9. Infant Tylenol (must be acetaminophen). (Needed at home).

Preparing the baby for the Brit:

  1. Dress baby in an outfit that can easily be opened from the bottom.
  2. Wrap baby in a receiving blanket.
  3. Last feeding of the baby should bewithin the last hour prior to the Brit.
  4. Please do not administer any ointments or lotions to the “Brit site”, prior to the Brit Mila…Sponge bath is ok.


rabbibabyInstructions for immediately after the Brit:

  1. Instructions will be given to any of the parties involved in the care of the baby (mother, father, grandmother, etc.).
  2. The mother may begin to feed the baby immediately after the Brit is done.
  3. The baby’s diaper may and should be changed as needed.
  4. At some point within two days of the Brit, I will come to examine the baby.

During the first 24 hours after the Brit…

  1. In most cases, 2 bandages will cover the affected area. Neither bandage should be removed during the first 24 hours.  I will come and remove the bandages.
  2. If the outer bandage does fall off by itself this is ok.
  3. If the baby is uncomfortable, feeding the baby usually helps.  If necessary, infant Tylenol may be administered.
  4. There are no baths for the first 24 hours.
  5. If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call my cell phone (773 621 0051) anytime of the day or night.

After the first 24hrs – for the next week or two.

  1. Some babies heal in about a week, others may take up to two weeks.
  2. The tender area that needs to heal is just below the glans.
  3. After the bandage is removed, the baby should be bathed in warm water twice a day.
  4. The area of the Brit should be washed at bath time with water and soap. These baths actually speed up the healing process and prevent infection.
  5. For three days after the bandage is removed, after each diaper change, put some Bacitracin on a gauze pad and place this on the Brit area.
  6. The redness should subside in a few days. A soft light colored membrane, which is the healing tissue, may be visible for a few days.

May we all share together in many more Simachot and happy occasions in the near future!