“Called up Rabbi Hamaoui 2 days after my son was born. He set up consultation then took care of everything perfectly on the day of the circumcision. My son was in great shape and in good spirits afterward the procedure. He did follow up a few days later and everything looked great. Very professional, friendly and polite. Highly recommended.” Jacob B. (Skokie)


“I found Rabbi Hamaoui through his website¬†after our son was born. I called him to set up a consultation and he was very prompt, helpful and accommodating of our schedule. A few days before the Brit Milah (circumcision), he made a house call, evaluated our son and explained in great detail the procedure for the ceremony and the preparations that that we as parents had to do before and after. He went out of his way to answer all of our questions and explained the significance and spirituality of the ceremony. He even arranged for a Torah blessing at the Persian Hebrew Synagogue (where he is the Rabbi) the morning of the Brit.

On the day of the circumcision, Rabbi Hamaoui arrived early to our home to set up everything and also greeted the family. He performed the ceremony perfectly, with all the solemnity, sanctity and joy fitting to such a formative moment in our and our son’s life. He was very gentle and meticulous in performing the circumcision itself and gave an inspiring speech afterwards. ¬†

The whole event was just made perfect and memorable by Rabbi Hamaoui and given that he was able to perform the ceremony according to our traditions and was so kind, genuinely partaking in our joy and loving throughout, I have no reservations in recommending his services to Jewish and non-Jewish parents alike. There are not enough religious and spiritual leaders like him with such empathy, passion and care.” Sal M. (Wheeling)